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Homeopathy, Acute and Chronic Illness, Child and Adult Homeopathic Care.
Health is a state of optimal mental, emotional and physical well being. Disease means imbalance and disorder in any of the above realms. When diagnosing the sick, it is imperative that one considers the person as a whole*. Single diseased parts alone do not constitute the disease. Likewise, when choosing a medicine or treatment modality, one needs to consider its effects on the whole person.

When isolated symptoms are subdued by medication, the immune system is deprived of its voice to signal trouble - it is suppressed. Overall health is not improved and the patient is rendered more vulnerable. True healing occurs when a patient regains a permanent state of health in a gentle, rapid and safe manner, preserving his or her integrity.

* "It is a magnificent feeling to recognize the unity of a complex of phenomena that to direct observation appear to be separate things." -Albert Einstein

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