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Homeopathy, Acute and Chronic Illness, Child and Adult Homeopathic Care.
In acute conditions, so called "miracle cures" happen very frequently after a remedy is given. Typically, a brief period of slight worsening of the symptoms is followed by rapid recovery to health.

In longer lasting conditions, depending on the state of the vital energy, genetic factors, life circumstances and the intake of pharmaceuticals, the process of recovery will often be gradual. Unfortunately, many patients will seek holistic care only after lengthy and unsuccessful traditional treatment. Their natural disease may have been rendered more complex through the toxic and suppressive effects of crude medicinal compounds.

Although most people receive great benefit over time, there are rare patients who are not curable for various reasons.

"Through the like, disease is produced, and through the application of the like it is cured." -Hippocrates, 477-377 BC

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